Portrait: Arthur  RoschAt the age of fifteen I decided that
I was going to be an artist. At the time I was studying music, in order
to become a jazz drummer. I also wrote
poetry and was experimenting with short
stories. I left home at sixteen to
become a jazz musician in New York City.
It was a bit over-ambitious, but I met people who would have an impact
on my life. I wasn't a great college
student. I felt restricted by academic
disciplines, and learned more by
seeking out mentors and getting hands-
on experience. I played a lot of jazz,
rock and blues in my late teens and twenties. All this time, I was also
writing more and more material, including novels, essays and poems.
In 1978, Playboy Magazine published one
of my short stories, which won their
Best Story award for that year. I've
published a couple of other pieces
but my goal is to get my novels published and read by an audience.
I picked up photography as early
as twelve years of age, but the advent
of digital really awakened my passion
for photography. I can't say that
i prefer one medium over another. If
anything, I'm a writer: my novels are
like my children, and I pray that
someday they may be read. In 2001,
a local newspaper ran a feature about
my astronomy-related photography, and
that set off a chain of events that
led me deeper into the realm of
the professional photographer. It
came as a surprise; I wasn't expecting
to earn income from my camera, but when
it began to flow, I felt as though
I would be an idiot to ignore the message.
Though photography dominates my professional time, writing is still
a deep commitment. For now, music is mostly dormant, though I produced a CD
a couple years ago, of which I am very
proud. I love teaching and working
with kids, and do regular mentor work
teaching digital photography to high
school students.